35 A

Jammu and Kashmir Special Status Gone No More Article 35A and Article 370

35 A

On 5 August 2019, in Reference to Article 35A and 370 by the President of India issued presidential order to remove special rights to Jammu and Kashmir that cause terrorism and no development work to the Jammu and Kashmir people.

Now the route to development for Jammu and Kashmir is open Our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced CII Investor Meet at Next between October-November Month. By this Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh gets a huge investment.

After 35A and 370 removed No more two flags, a two-nation theory-based article on the land of Jammu and Kashmir. One nation one constitution applied. Many of the Opposition leaders in Jammu and Kashmir detained or house arrest due to negative criticism to Jammu and Kashmir people.

What Changes After No Article 35A and 370?

1.Special Powers: Before Article 35A and 370 Jammu and Kashmir have special powers act as India all rules not followed on J&K people. Separate Flag for their constituency.


2.Dual Citizenship: The residents of J&K enjoy dual citizenship, but they could lose the J&K citizenship if they marry residents of other States. Now no dual citizenship.

3.Separate Flag: Only a Jammu and Kashmir has a separate flag for them no tricolor tiranga bounding like all other states. Now only one flag no separate flag for them. One nation One Constitution and One Flag will be effected after the day of scraped of Article 35A and 370.

4.No Reservation: Minorities such as Hindu and Sikhs have no reservation in Jammu and Kashmir before article 35A and 370 scraped. Now Minorities are eligible for a 16% reservation.

5.Indian citizens from Other States not able to buy property in J&K. Now people from other states able to buy land in J&K.

6. RTI Act, Right to Education not able to use, Panchayats has no power, Women lose citizenship if he marries Outside J&K.Duration of Legislative Assembly 6 years. Now all powers are available to all citizens after the new constitution and new rule apply to Jammu and Kashmir. All Power like Voting, RTI Act, RTE, Women Empowerment, and Legislative Assembly of 5 years like other states available to Citizen as Union Territories.