How Fast is My Internet? Understand your Internet Speed


If you’re experiencing slow internet speed than you need to test your speed before you calling tech support of your ISP. Online many good internet speed test solutions over their you only need to go and check your internet speed.

You may suspect your wifi signal or internet speed is lower than what your isp told to you than you need to ask your service provider if you not getting what your internet connection plan said than better change the provider.

How we check we getting less bandwidth than said like internet download is slow, video buffering and websites take time to load. these are common problems of slow internet. Check one or more speed test to confirm your ISP Speed is slower and sluggish.

How can I measure internet speed?

Internet Speed typically measured in Kilobits per second(kbps), Megabits per second(MBps), Gigabits per second(Gbps). Currently, ISP provides 2g, 3g, 4g and upcoming 5g connection to the user. In Every Generation upgrade, internet speed will become better.

What is the difference between Download and Upload Speed?

The difference between the download speed and upload speed can be explained in the following way: Download speed refers to the rate of data will be download from the internet to your devices such as pc, mobile phones, and others, and Upload speed refers to the speed of uploading the content to the internet example like photo upload, video upload, and streaming music.

Type of Broadband Service :

1. Fibre Optic Cable: The current generation of communication standard is a good speed you much from 100mbps to 1000mbps. Good for gaming and streaming 4k HD Videos. Fiber optics transmit data from the internet to the device very fast as possible.

2. Copper Cable: It’s going to be outdated by the upcoming generation 5g it gives us to speed up to 1mpbs to 100mbps. Good for those who need basic internet for web surfing like chat, email reading, and other basic use for one or two devices.

How you can test your internet speed? Many good internet speed test tool already on the internet like speedtest.net, fast.com , speedof.me, by bing and google. These services give you an instant result of your internet connection speed like download speed and upload speed. Check multiple times to clear your doubts.