How fast is your Internet Connection Check Top Internet Speed over World


Are your Internet are really fast what you paying for your broadband given by your ISP . What is broadband ? Broadband means high speed transmission of internet connection between your Personal Computer , Tablets ,Handhelds even your entertainment system that able to connect with the internet . Anyone will be able to connected with the outer world with the help of broadband connection .It connect outside world with the modern communication .

You able to do anything from playing movies , download songs and download games . You able to do video call and video conferencing . You able to play games with someone with the help of internet . All that need good internet speed without good speed of internet . In a digital world without internet you will fill lonely not able to connect with social network .

After Launch of Mukesh Ambani owned Jio with 4G data connection all other telcos short the rates of their internet broadband plan on their network . In 4G network data speed is increase drastically average household of india who used 4G for their broadband connection get high speed broadband connection . Now from 1 mbps to 30 mbps range internet speed providing by internet service providers .

Connection charge and voice call charges are also dropping but the questions is speed of broadband is really fast than what your ISP said . Check its with its show your isp are given same speed what they saying or giving less than the real speed .

Akamai the World Leader in CDN Provider Content Delivery Network and also a security provider on their Report 2017 : India have average speed of 4.9 mbps for the asia region . Australia top the position in internet speed with the range of 15.7 mbps in Asia pacific region . South korea have a highest global average peak connection of 28.6 Mbps .

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With Global speed 7.2 mbps and lowest average speed of venezula have lowest speed of 2.8 mbps .Internet Connection speed is rapidly grow with 12% show positive long term growth rates around the world with the particularly strong year over year across all ISP . Upwards trends are encouraging as business create and deliver richer experiences worldwide .