World First Air Bike Cum Drone from Hoversurf Startup from Russia


World First Air Bike Cum Drone

Have you dreamed of flying a bike into a ride like in bike not on road. Your Dream of flying a bike may be possible in the future. Hoversurf a Russian startup build the fully made bike cum drone last week and show off their bike named scorpion 3 single seater electric powered hoverbike. Cool Startup that ideas now become true that made possible combine motorcycle with drone.

Hoversurf inc. is based in Russia and their dirt bike-inspired flying machine designed for extreme conditions is called Scorpion 3. Powered by electricity, the hoverbike can seat one person. It features a home-baked software for manual and automatic controls.

Hoversurf Says, Scorpion platform is a single seat aircraft that rediscovers the art of flying and hovering enabling a hi-tech quadcopter based solution. It’s unique electric powered vessel combining a motorcycle seat with quadcopter drone technology bringing speed agility and stability of flight to the hands of amateur and professional navigators. For the moment, the SCORPION platform is increasingly seen as an extreme sports instrument, yet the vessel’s transportation potential remains evident.

This bike coming soon in the market but have one confused about what they need to run a road license or pilot license from the air traffic control due to the nature of the hoverbike maybe it need to apply for a pilot license to run. Pricing of Hoverbike not currently available but it possible to come around Rs 50 lakhs around 70k dollars in market coming years .

SCORPION platform is equipped with a safety system powered by state of the art flight controllers, special logical programing, and passive elements with computer-aided speed and altitude limiting. To ensure the safety of its pilot, Hoversurf has built-in a special system into the Scorpion-3 that automatically controls and limits the maximum speed and altitude of the aircraft in order to prevent accidents.