hydrogen train

World First Zero Emission Hydrogen Passenger Train Coming in Germany

hydrogen train

iLint: the world’s first hydrogen-powered train

A New Innovative Transport Technology Successfully Tested in Germany by Alstom. Alstom is making progress on it iLint Train grab the people attention around the world and most innovative technology to tackle air pollution.It’s usually most fastest , longest and expensive project in the Germany . It’sWill change and revolutionise the oldest train technology in germany who cause most pollution .

Train hailed by the world first hydrogen-powered train to set trial successfully in 2017 and its rollover the old train in 2021. Future of Train which emits no carbon and is capable of operating in near silence. It’s a combination of German and French Technology Created By Alstom. For Now, Alstom builds 14 emissions-free train called Coradia iLint that can travel up to 1000 km on a full hydrogen tank with a maximum speed of 140 km/h .

The super-quiet Coradia iLint passenger train is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which emit only steam and condensed water. A hydrogen fuel tank stored on the roof of the train powers the fuel cells to produce electrical energy. Alstom said it hopes its hydrogen-fueled trains can replace Europe’s many diesel-burning ones, which are still in wide use despite numerous electrification projects across the continent.

As climate change global warming are problem of all countries in the globe . All countries are looking forward to due to some contribution to climate . A Coradia iLint is one of the great solution to tackle the environmental problem in Germany. A new hydrogen-powered train work environmental friendly fuel that emit almost no pollution ingredients like NO2 and other harmful elements to the atmosphere .


Its run with a large hydrogen fuel tank to run up to 1000 km , the hydrogen’s chemical energy will be converted into electricity by the fuel cell . Any energy not used immediately it stored in Lithium Batteries attached to the car bottom . Its run more quietly than the diesel engine . As the world look to less carbon emission that old model diesel engines do too much noise and too much pollution . A hydrogen-powered train is a solution to the problem . Now Europe has new solution to pollution and a new technology to run a train .

Alstom so Called it ‘future of train’ was first introduced to the world at industry trade fair Innotrans in 2016, and it is set to begin its first passenger trials in Germany from early this year. Company looking to More MoU with Uk , German and Other Countries to High Powered Hydrogen train . This will replace old technology in Germany and replace diesel train into environmentally-friendly solution .

Zero Emission Train Powered By Hydrogen Fuel

You may know the hydrogen that fuels the train already a waste product by the chemical industry. Hydrogen simply burns to power train with no emission almost no burden on the environment caused by old fashion diesel trains. Due to that too much carbon emission and bad air. Hydrogen easily manufactured for the train .

Yet Cost of Technology not clarified by Alstom. Technology is similar to running diesel trains but powered by hydrogen. The full cost of the package includes hydrogen loading equipment at railway terminals, which must be considerably less than the electrifying line. It continues to grow from one city to another.Choice of government around the world to stop carbon emission .