IMEI can’t Help to trace your Lost Phone


Your Phone are lost

Everyone is using a smartphone is this time no one who don’t use smartphone sometimes. A smartphone becomes a part of daily life everyone from kids to elder knows to use a Smartphone is more than a normal phone we will do anything in a smartphone from small searches in-app stores to playing games, finding new apps, and many things. Smartphones help in productivity in daily work.

What we do when smartphone get stolen ?

Block Your Sim Immediately for not to use by any wrong person and call your nearest police station to trace your phone number. Phone number is traceable only for some time when your sim is inside in your phone and sending single to the nearest cell tower.

Your IMEI can’t help your trace lost phone anymore

What is IMEI ? Everyone talking them when your phone are lost . IMEI -International Mobile Equipment Identity 15 digit unique identity is given for every phone no phone comes without IMEI due to its essential part of your gadget to identify. IMEI Number helps police to trace your Smartphone even if another sim is inserted IMEI is not able to tamper easily. All things no one can temper IMEI .


Now this time trace your phone through an IMEI number is impossible due to many software easily available in the market to restore or change your current IMEI number to a fake IMEI number. So Don’t think your phone able to trace easily. Many thieves use an application called flasher to remove your original IMEI number from your smartphone to another duplicate random fake IMEI number to your devices. Flasher not work in Apple iPhones. Apple iPhones are dismantled before sale.

For Safety do some precautions like installed antivirus. Many Paid Antivirus is comes built in security to trace lost phone or secure delete all data from the stolen phone.Paid antivirus helps your device to trace due to it connected to global server find your correct gps location.

Sometimes google will also help in this matter if your app already installs google backup and google location finder than you are able to trace your device’s current location. Google will show your devices current position to other devices to trace your lost phone easily.