Apple iphone 8 will your next Gadget


Your Next Gadget Apple Iphone8

Technology Giant Apple launched another iphone upgraded version last year apple launched iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus . Now it upgraded to latest device iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus , iphone x . Its time to upgrade your old iphone device to new one .Take beautiful selfie from latest apple upgraded with HD View . Apple broked all the last records of expensive phone . Now its upgraded with latest ios and latest processor .

If you got boar with the old phone that its times to upgrade yourself with new gadget iPhone is such a gadget that never make you boar always in trend everywhere everyone like to showoff their phone with the friend all new things comes at the new iPhone has a new feature to unlock the phone.

You learn to value familiarity over the latest trend and appreciate the reliability that comes with the tried and tested. Have doubts about Face ID on the iPhone X? Touch ID on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus works great as always. Can’t get your head around the ‘notch’?

Maybe you already know about touch id that needs fingerprint to unlock the device and make gadget secure for unauthorized access now apple launched their all new iPhone with the face id. What is Face id it’s just like a touch id when touch id needs to be fingerprint unlock now for unlocking a phone only done by their owner to show their face off the gadget.

No one able to unlock your device without your permission more secure and protected version of the software. Apple new biometric sensor with hardcore security to unlock the phone .

How does Face ID work on iPhone x?

Face ID works similarly to how Touch ID works but instead of a sensor in the Home button it uses the True Depth camera system on the front of the iPhone X. According to Apple’s Face ID Security White Paper, when you first register with Face ID, the True Depth camera system takes infrared images of your face. Just like you had to move your finger around for Touch ID, you have to move your face around for Face ID. That way the camera system can capture you from a variety of angles and create a depth map of your face.

Now a day apple more popular brand over the world . All are looking to upgrade their older version . While the release not confirmed yet but it comes on market on Before October 2017

specifications :

Apple iphone 8 run on ios 11 with 5.8 inches AMOLED display with 4G Ram Apple A10 processor paired with 64GB/128GB/256 Native Capacity .

5.8 inch AMOLED Display
Dual 12 MP Rear Camera
Wireless Charging
Apple A11 Chipset
Fingerprint Sensor
Metal Body
OTG Supported
Retina Display
Run on Latest ios 11