Russian Firm unevils Surveillance Proof Smartphone


Russian Firm Info Watch Enveils their Smartphone named Tiaga Survillence Proof Smartphone with the kaspersky solutions headed by Natalya Ivanovna Kasperskaya(President of Info Watch and Co-founder and Ex-ceo of Kaspersky lab) .

For Russian who fears that someone may be eavesdropping on their phone conversion. At a business forum in moscow info watch presented their survillence proof Tiaga phone comes under 15000 rubles approx $260 .

The Taiga Phone is entirely green to represent the Russian northern forest after which it is named. It has a five-inch touchscreen, two SIM slots, and two cameras. ‘We have created it for the corporate market,’ said Kaspersky, president of InfoWatch Group and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, Russia’s leading antivirus software development company which some belief may have links to Russian intelligence. The firm also claims Taiga Phone can protect users’ confidentiality, track the device’s location, and even prevent information leakage.

Trump Administration told U.S Government Agencies to remove Kaspersky lab for their approved vendors and their network due to US intelligence described Kaspersky as Security Threat. It believes that Kaspersky lab has been linked with the Russian intelligence agencies .

It concerned about Moscow security firm was vulnerable. In a statement, Kaspersky Lab rejected the allegations, as it has done repeatedly in recent months, and said its critics were misinterpreting Russian data-sharing laws that only applied to communications services.