Global Firepower India Vs China


Global Firepower India vs China

India and China both are superpowers of current time leading in Asia-Pacific and also on world index of superpowers . Many points are related to becoming to say as a superpower. India has rich in culture, people, and values believing all as the same in other parts china is also rich in its culture behave like a dictator, and wants to extend its country’s border more and capture more and more lands dictatorship in small countries. India and China population not so far more than 1.34 billion living in India and 1.37 billion people living in china both India and china are most emerging markets .

Each Countries Military Power Ranking is Judged on the Basis of individual factors as well as collective factors. The number of factors to be considered through PowerIndex is used as a final ranking. So Checkout the full individual factor needs to rank any countries in the power index list. Who is the Superpower in the world according to the list .

Superpowers can depends of Some parameters are as follows:

Current Global Power Rank : India is currently ranked 4(of 133) countries considered for the annual GFP review. It maintains a PwrIndx rating of 0.1593.(0.0000 being perfect) for india and PwrIndx rating of 0.0945.(0.0000 being perfect) for china . Sourced by Globalfirepower.

Man Power Available: Going beyond military equipment totals and perceived fighting strength is the actual manpower that drives a given military force. Wars of attrition traditionally favor those with more manpower to a given effort. India has 616000000 manpower available currently and China has 7500000000 manpower available for currently. India has Fit 489600000 for Service and china has 616000000. And the last population who reached the military age on India has 22900000 and china has 19550000 on the current date .

Active Personnal : India has 1362500 and china has 2260000.
Reserve Components : India has 2844750 and china has 1452500
Reserve Components : India has 2844750 and china has 1452500
Total Military Personal : India has 4207250 and china has 3712500

Finance – War goes beyond simple physical “strength-in-numbers”, relying heavily on financing and effort as much as any one piece of hardware fielded. All values presented in USD ($).

Defense Budget : India have $51 Billion and china have $161.7 Billion
External Debt : India have $507000000000 and china have $983500000000
Foreign Reserve : India have $359100000000 and china have $983500000000
External Debt : India have $507000000000 and china have $3092000000000
Purchasing Power : India have $8721000000000 and china have $21270000000000

Air Power – Includes both fixed-wing and rotary-wing (helicopter) aircraft from all branches of service (Air Force, Navy, Army). Air power is just one important component of the modern military force. Attack Aircraft represents fixed-wing and dedicated forms as well as light strike types (some basic and advanced trainers fill this role). Some fighters can double as attack types and vice versa – this is how multi-role aircraft can be of considerable value. Transport and Trainer aircraft include both fixed-wing and rotary-wing types.


Total Power : India have 2102 and china have 2955
Fighter/Interceptors : India have 676 and china have 1271
Attack Aircraft : India have 809 and china have 1385
Transport : India have 857 and china have 782
Trainers : India have 323 and china have 352
Helicopter : India have 616 and china have 912
Attack Helicopter : India have 16 and china have 206

Army Strength – Tank value includes Main Battle Tanks and light tanks (a few remain in service) as well as those vehicles considered “tank destroyers”. There is no distinction made between all-wheel and track-and-wheel designs. Armored Fighting Vehicle value includes Armored Personnel Carriers as well as Infantry Fighting Vehicles .

Tank Strength : India has 4426 and china has 6457
Armed Fighting Vehicles : India has 6704 and china has 4788
Self Propelled Artillery : India have 290 and china has 1710
Towed Artillery : India has 7414 and china has 6246
Rocket Projectors : India has 292 and china has 1770

Navy Strength – Aircraft Carrier value includes both traditional aircraft carriers as well as “helicopter carrier” warships . Cruisers are no longer tracked due to their declining value on the world stage. Submarines value includes both diesel-electric and nuclear-powered types. Total Naval Assets is not simply a sum of the presented navy ship categories .

Total Naval Assets : India has 295 and china has 714
Aircraft Carrier : India has 3 and china has 1
Submarines : India has 15 and china has 68
Frigates : India has 14 and china has 51
Destroyers : India has 11 and china has 35
Corvettes : India has 23 and china has 35
Patrol Craft : India has 139 and china has 220
Mine Warfare Craft : India has 6 and china has 31

Logistics – War is as much a battle of logistics, moving man and machine from-to points all over, as it is direct combat. A quantitative/robust Labor Force also adds to available wartime industry.

Merchant Marine Strength : India has 7 and china has 15
Major Ports & Terminals : India has 11 and china has 35
Labor Force Strength : India has 5137000000 and china has 805900000
Oil Production(bbl/dy) : India has 767600 and china has 4189000
Oil Consumption : India has 3510000 and china has 3860800
Proven Oil Reserves(bbl) : India has 5675000000 and china has 25000000000
Roadway Coverage(km) : India has 3320410 and china has 3860800
Railway Coverage(km) : India has 63974 and china has 86000
Serviceable Airport : India has 346 and china has 507

Geography – Geographical values primarily figure into a defensive-minded war (i.e. invasion) but can also aid a nation when responding to such an act.

Waterway Coverage(km) : India have 14500 and china have 110000
Coastline Coverage(km) : India have 7000 and china have 14500
Shared Borders(km) : India have 13888 and china have 22467
Square Land Area(km) : India have 3287263 and china have 9596961