First Indian Woman Wrestler in WWE – Kavita Devi

India First Woman Wrestler in WWE -Kavita Devi ring name Hard Kedy

India got first indian women wrestler to compete wwe and Kavita Devi ring name Hard Kedi now going to make you entertain with following the step of former wwe champion Dalip Singh Rana all ring name as The Great Khali . India first wwe wrestler who compete with the champion of ring and make her name popular everywhere in the world .

About Kavita Devi : Kavita Devi former competitive powerlifer from india will be the part of your favourite entertain show all around the world wwe . Kavita comes from the local background from india lives in haryana . Kavita is undergone training to become professional from the guidance of the great khali at his punjab wrestling academy.Here no more suprise about the indian talents who gone recently and get fame like the great khali , jinder mahal and now kavita Devi(hard kedy) . We are on the way to produced a number of professional wrestler from india .