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Boost Google Page Ranking with Free SSL

renew ssl

Have You Know HTTPS is For Ranking Signal

First of All we need to know about ssl many of us already know about SSL. SSL formerly known as Secure Sockets Layer is a standard technology security protocol to establishing an encrypted link between the web server and a browser. This means everything from links, images, data are encrypted through the ssl all link ensures that all data passed between server and browser remain private know one can establish or able to find messaging between the web server and browser data will be gone encrypted form between the web server and the browser third person not able to steal private data like password, credit card details and personal details from the form and sign up form. When you choose to activate ssl you need to show about the identity of the website to user. For make trust between the user the website is safe .SSL help you to boost google page ranking.

SSL certificate is working on cryptographic key technology to store website identity. For SSL Connection you need to only generate a public key and certificate signing request(CSR) to a establish Certificate Authority. Feel to make your user confident and secure you need to purchase an SSL. Every E-commerce Business needs to be an SSL due to heavy data transaction to secure credit card transactions, data transfer, and logins, and more recently is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites. it possible with free ssl.

Boost Google Page Ranking with Free SSL

Already you know about SSL after reading now you have idea about the ssl and how it works . SSL are costly all are not able to purchase a dedicated ssl for the all sites for secure data. But now a days some certificate authorities are giving free ssl at zero cost to the website like Cloudflare and Let’s Encrypt both are giving free ssl for the sites for everyone who want to encrypt their data on their web server.

As all know about the reputed security leader Cloudflare it’s working in two ways they giving free global cdn to all and also giving a free ssl certificate in three-level first flexible ssl who does not have a self-signed or any certificate on the webserver. Second full option who have nothing but a self-signed certificate in web server generated by the hosting panel able to use full ssl to encrypt data between the web browser and the end-user.

And last full(strict) mode for the ssl Cloudflare will verify the website have origin certificate by the certificate authority to take full advantage over the ssl. Free ssl of Cloudflare has limits to only work with the latest modern browser not support old browsers. But it good for nothing.

Another CA’s Let’s Encrypt giving a free certificate valid for 90 days from the starting date every 90 days need to renew the certificate . Let’s encrypt want everyone can browse the web on the encrypted version. Many big hosting providers are supporting let’s encrypt by default in their hosting panel where not default you can generate it easily. Many website is available to generate free ssl to you.

Seo Concern Google Give Ranking Boost with Going HTTPS

Last year Google Announced about the new update to the ranking algorithm that in the browser so the NOT SECURE tag to all those who website not encrypted or potentially dangerous to surf. In future updates, every site on the browser shows the NOT SECURE and SECURE Mark at the start of the link. Moving from HTTP to https gives you a small boost in ranking. Switching to HTTPS is good for your business many search engine like https website for their search result .

Make your traffic encrypted through https. Google gives up to a 5% search rankings boost to websites with SSL. The internet is evolving. Concerns over people’s personal privacy have grown into a movement that wants to see the entire internet encrypted. To push this initiative forward, in August of 2014 Google announced that SSL would be used as a ranking signal in its search results.