Coming Soon Error After Cloudflare SSL hosted with Godaddy

Coming Soon Error

Coming Soon Error After Cloudflare SSL hosted with Godaddy

Whats going my fully completed website showing a coming soon error why i don’t know how error are coming . I am investigating about error everywhere searching search engines and helping forum over internet but don’t know how i getting coming soon error .

It’s complicated to know how error is come but it possible to track down or resolved your problem with community support or from the host support exactly . Big tragedy to the site owner who getting coming soon error after just enabling their site on cloudflare . Cloudflare was a great security leaders in the world and godaddy also a world leader in hosting .

Coming Soon Error Comes due to Mismatch SSL

Cloudflare the leading security leader will securing a website with their free ssl called Universal SSL anyone can enjoy the https protocol over the website by only sign up with them . After Sign up only need to change existing nameservers pointing to cloudflare nameservers to use cloudflare for your website . You get free ssl from the cloudflare authorize ca like comodo or globalsign . It’s take 24 hours to propagate the free ssl on website connected with cloudflare to use the full free services .


Cloudflare issues certifcates in three level : Flexible , Full and Full(strict) . Anyone can be use flexible ssl on the website to get free https rewrite . Https have secure protocol given by cloudflare in free . Cloudflare free certificates shared with the thousands of websites to make it secure . Free plan ssl only work with the only modern browser old browser not supported with the https protocol get a security warning to a visitor .

For Full SSL you need only self signed certificate on your origin without self signed certificated website give a coming soon error or mismatch error to the visitors and site owners . Anyone who have ssl already installed on the origin server able to ssl in full strict mode . Cloudflare will verified the ssl on origin server . Your Visitors are full secure from origin and cloudflare global data centers .