How to Renew Cloudflare and Let’s Encrypt SSL


Cloudflare and Let’s encrypt both are common name in the internet to sharing https protocol for secure and encrypted data over the web both of giving ssl for free . You can easy add ssl to your website that help you to boost ranking in the web .

User like to use secure website that enable https over the website to secure data encrypt . For this WordPress and Google both announced that ssl for ranking signal in future update all WordPress going to used https than better option to use free certificate than the much paid ssl .

Cloudflare the leading security leader will securing a website with their free ssl called Universal SSL anyone can enjoy the https protocol over the website by only sign up with them . Cloudflare are giving universal free ssl to all who signed up with them and let’s encrypt also giving free certificates . Many hosting providers early adopters giving cloudflare and lets encrypt by default in hosting panel . So easy change to make unsecured version of website to secure website with https protocol .

Cloudflare renewal process is automated ssl renew automatically if you using cloudflare nameservers in the domain registrar . Pointing Nameservers to cloudflare make your ssl free for ever if changes will be done on nameservers you get ssl error or something due to your site . So don’t change your nameserver and profit ranking boost to your domain name . Another Let’s encrypt need to be renew every 90 days validity of 3 months .

For Hosting providers who are early adopters make your certificate renew automatically but if your hosting provider who don’t support lets encrypt this time than you need to do update your certificate manually from where your certificate created every 90 days . Auto renew possible when you installed let’s encrypt on the hosting server and you have created own script to renew automatically .