blue whale

Blue Whale Suicide Game ? Why it crazy with the Children ?

blue whale

Everyone seen and Reading online and newspapers about Blue Whale Suicide Game what is it ? and why blue whale suicide game listen everywhere. This game is originally from Russia from Russian Social Networking Giant VKontakte in 2013.

What is the story of Blue Whale Suicide Games? THIS IS no conventional game that can be downloaded from an app store on the mobile, but a journey into the dark side of the internet in which links lead to more links into a world of manipulation of the vulnerable.

Games have 50 day timeline task to complete all levels at the end of game the gamer. End of Game means End of Gamer. Gamers of the blue whale suicide game will be so addicted cause his or her to Suicide.


Its game is so deadly and makes addiction to the game claimed more than 130 lives in Russia and mores lives from other corners of the world. Blue whale suicide squad games originally originated is Russia. Its games launched in early 2013 now have 4 years from launch. The mastermind behind the game was arrested in Moscow Russia. Who encourage teenagers to hurt themselves and to commit suicide.

What included in Blue Whale Game Tasks ?

First Group Administer assigns daily tasks to its members to complete over a period of 50 days. The Task includes Self-harming like making pictures on the hands with help of a blade it pictures looking like a blue whale with red blooded due to blood spots and tasks like watching horror movies alone and wake up in unusual hours .

How we need to Deal with it

Parents need to talk with children seriously about life in danger with this game. Not to play the game called a blue whale. It’s difficult to say about children who are addicted to games and harming themselves. But we need to talk about the seriousness of the game to save a child’s life .

As a precaution, the social networking sites like Instagram have also now started a warning message for those looking for the game through their search engines. “Posts with words or tags you’re searching for often encourage behavior that can cause harm and even lead to death,” reads a popup message on the photo-sharing site if you type ‘Blue Whale Challenge in the search.