Facebook testing two tab new feed for Personal and Public Content


Exploring New Features Two Tab Feed

Facebook testing future updates for new two tab feed seperate for public and private ,friends ,business .All information of public and private information in two different tab .The change affects post published on facebook page reserves for business ,organizations , professional and public figures .

In current time all feed you seen in same place cause lost in organic feed . Your pages get only 2% organic views on your published page . You need to boost the post is getting more penny for get more viewers with published post .

Instead of see all feed in one place you able to view your post in two different tab . Due to all feed are not able to find by users due to huge amount of pages and updates made public by organizations , professional and public figures . New coming features updates to discovered stuff called the Explore Feed .

A major changes to non promoted post out of its newfeed for publisher who rely on social network . Recent facebook publisher reach fall to 60% to 80% . Small publisher not able get viewers to their business reach always less than 2% for organic reach .

Social Media referrals getting less referrals visitors . A new system are on testing on six countries included Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, and Cambodia . All non promoted feed will show in new tab to get more reach to viewers .

In the short term, this surely poses a challenge. Could users be motivated to go to the secondary news feed, known as Explore, to check out other posts and updates after seeing the updates from friends and responding to those posts? It might take time, but publishers would hope that becomes a habit soon enough.

This is a part of what seems to be a larger move to streamline the different facets of the news feed, perhaps with the potential to monetize these sometime in the future. Facebook recently rolled out the Watch tab in the US, which separates original and long-form videos to highlight good quality content and separate it from the lower quality click-bait content.