telecom war

Telecom Pricing War Going to End ? Battle going to be End

telecom war

Telecom Pricing War Going to End ?

Last year huge disruption on telecom industries after Reliance Jio entered on telecommunication business . A new fight start between telecom operators with pricing war Reliance Jio given free voice call and daily data for internet surfing download .

All operators price goes down to fight with Reliance Jio price cut by 50% and many telecom operators financial year operating profit down by 50%. What is hurting the sector, free voice calls, and data hurts to all major telecom operators. After this step many small operators not able to fight Jio and now going to close .

India largest telecom company Bharti Airtel which is run by Sunil Mittal profit fall by 55% in price war against Reliance Jio . An intense price war started by Reliance Jio’s free internet services .With free services and promotional offers Reliance Jio make a storm in telecom industries .

Big companies burning cash on brutal competition for market share . Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance new entrant on telco business competitive strategy for next 12-18 month with sustainable growth of revenue and margin .

What happens with the Entry of Reliance Jio? A disruption act with full-year discounting causes the merger of Idea and Vodafone, Airtel net profit drops, Reliance Communication going to shut its shop, and many small operators are already shut their shop .The pricing of voice and data plan in full-year low dropped to 50% .

Now all are giving voice calls for free only charging for data used by subscribers. What Reliance Jio Get After Giving free voice and data over a year. Reliance Jio earned more than 10 crore subscribers and double it total market capitalization from 3 trillion to 6 trillion. Who think the full game make reliance strongest contender .

From 2017 Reliance Jio started charging after giving a full year of free voice and data to its subscriber. Looking at the pricing war going to end with raise in the current price of reliance jio normal subscription. Now the market going to be normal after the price rise all operators are offering its best offers to it subscribers .