Global Firepower India Vs China


Global Firepower India vs China

India and China both are superpowers of current time leading in Asia-Pacific and also on world index of superpowers . Many points related to become to say as superpower . India have rich in culture , people and value believe all as a same in other part china also rich in their culture behave like a dictator and want to extend their countries border more and capturing more and more lands dictatorship in small countries . India and China population not so much far more than 1.34 billion living in india and 1.37 billion people living in china both india and china are most emerging markets .

Each Countries Military Power Ranking is Judged on Basis on individual factor as well as collective factor . The number of factors to considered through PowerIndex which is used as final ranking . So Checkout the full individual factor need to ranked any countries in power index list . Who is the Superpower in the world according to the list .

Superpowers can depends of Some parameters are as follows:

Current Global Power Rank : India is currently ranked 4(of 133) countries considered for the annual GFP review. It maintains a PwrIndx rating of 0.1593.(0.0000 being perfect) for india and PwrIndx rating of 0.0945.(0.0000 being perfect) for china . Sourced by Globalfirepower.

Man Power Available : Going beyond military equipment totals and perceived fighting strength is the actual manpower that drives a given military force. Wars of attrition traditionally favor those with more manpower to a given effort. India has 616000000 manpower available currently and China has 7500000000 manpower available for currently .India has Fit 489600000 for Service and china has 616000000 . And last population who reached the military age on India has 22900000 and china has 19550000 on the current date .

Active Personnal : India has 1362500 and china has 2260000.
Reserve Components : India has 2844750 and china has 1452500
Reserve Components : India has 2844750 and china has 1452500
Total Military Personal : India has 4207250 and china has 3712500

Finance – War goes beyond simple physical “strength-in-numbers”, relying heavily on financing and effort as much as any one piece of hardware fielded. All values presented in USD ($).

Defense Budget : India have $51 Billion and china have $161.7 Billion
External Debt : India have $507000000000 and china have $983500000000
Foreign Reserve : India have $359100000000 and china have $983500000000
External Debt : India have $507000000000 and china have $3092000000000
Purchasing Power : India have $8721000000000 and china have $21270000000000

Air Power – Includes both fixed-wing and rotary-wing (helicopter) aircraft from all branches of service (Air Force, Navy, Army). Air power is just one important component of the modern military force. Attack Aircraft represents fixed-wing and dedicated forms as well as light strike types (some basic and advanced trainers fill this role). Some fighters can double as attack types and vice versa – this is how multi-role aircraft can be of considerable value. Transport and Trainer aircraft include both fixed-wing and rotary-wing types.

Total Power : India have 2102 and china have 2955
Fighter/Interceptors : India have 676 and china have 1271
Attack Aircraft : India have 809 and china have 1385
Transport : India have 857 and china have 782
Trainers : India have 323 and china have 352
Helicopter : India have 616 and china have 912
Attack Helicopter : India have 16 and china have 206

Army Strength – Tank value includes Main Battle Tanks and light tanks (a few remain in service) as well as those vehicles considered “tank destroyers”. There is no distinction made between all-wheel and track-and-wheel designs. Armored Fighting Vehicle value includes Armored Personnel Carriers as well as Infantry Fighting Vehicles .

Tank Strength : India has 4426 and china has 6457
Armed Fighting Vehicles : India has 6704 and china has 4788
Self Propelled Artillery : India have 290 and china has 1710
Towed Artillery : India has 7414 and china has 6246
Rocket Projectors : India has 292 and china has 1770

Navy Strength – Aircraft Carrier value includes both traditional aircraft carriers as well as “helicopter carrier” warships . Cruisers are no longer tracked due to their declining value on the world stage. Submarines value includes both diesel-electric and nuclear-powered types. Total Naval Assets is not simply a sum of the presented navy ship categories .

Total Naval Assets : India has 295 and china has 714
Aircraft Carrier : India has 3 and china has 1
Submarines : India has 15 and china has 68
Frigates : India has 14 and china has 51
Destroyers : India has 11 and china has 35
Corvettes : India has 23 and china has 35
Patrol Craft : India has 139 and china has 220
Mine Warfare Craft : India has 6 and china has 31

Logistics – War is as much a battle of logistics, moving man and machine from-to points all over, as it is direct combat. A quantitative/robust Labor Force also adds to available wartime industry.

Merchant Marine Strength : India has 7 and china has 15
Major Ports & Terminals : India has 11 and china has 35
Labor Force Strength : India has 5137000000 and china has 805900000
Oil Production(bbl/dy) : India has 767600 and china has 4189000
Oil Consumption : India has 3510000 and china has 3860800
Proven Oil Reserves(bbl) : India has 5675000000 and china has 25000000000
Roadway Coverage(km) : India has 3320410 and china has 3860800
Railway Coverage(km) : India has 63974 and china has 86000
Serviceable Airport : India has 346 and china has 507

Geography – Geographical values primarily figure into a defensive-minded war (i.e. invasion) but can also aid a nation when responding to such an act.

Waterway Coverage(km) : India have 14500 and china have 110000
Coastline Coverage(km) : India have 7000 and china have 14500
Shared Borders(km) : India have 13888 and china have 22467
Square Land Area(km) : India have 3287263 and china have 9596961