Theory of Evolution World Wide Web Technology


Evolution of World Wide Web

Great Invention of Internet World Wide Web started as Late 1960s by the Advanced Research Project Agency(ARPA) at the United States Defense Department .In Starting time its running via four node connected 56 kbps circuit . Its highly successful invention used by armed forces in the U.S. and also in Europe .Regular research and upgradation help internet spread to out of U.S.

Internet Started Spreading their network to all over the world also born to live in internet access to all . Companies starting their business online with the website many today top giants are born in 90s like Google , Yahoo , MSN ,Apple , Amazon , Craiglist and many other giants are born .

Today Internet spread to all world every person from all countries has access to internet with any devices from mobile ,laptop ,pc and many more devices . Internet All devices are internet connectivity enable with the broadband connection . For Internet Connection only you need to connect with the ISP with the unique ip address to access the internet .

A world-wide computer network that can be accessed via a computer, mobile telephone,PDA,games machine, digital TV, etc. The Internet access service can be provided through a fixed (wired) or mobile network: analogue dial-up modem via standard telephone line, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network),DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) or ADSL, Cable modem, High speed leased lines, Fiber,, Satellite broadband network, WiMAX, Fixed CDMA, Mobile broadband network (3G, e.g. UMTS) via a handset or card, Integrated SIM card in a computer, or USB modem.

In recent year with the growth of population 7.3 billion and regular updates in technology the internet user growth reach to more than 3.7 billion and user count daily going upward . Like Google and Facebook growth also showing with the internet growth more than 2 billion user online in these two online platform .

Today everyone want to be go social with use of social platform . Internet user grown by 82% or almost 1.7 billion people . Daily upto million user join to internet and connected to the internet Every where people going to be digital huge cause to internet population .

A many non-techie background don’t know the evolution of world wide web . Their many updates going daily after the invention of internet . Internet daily upgrade to the latest technologies to given the best user experience to the user . Every new generation of internet updates come live make user life easier to surf internet .

Evolution of World Wide Web

Web 1.0 :The first information static web & Shopping cart .This version of www has limited features to reading information was presented to him . In this version dot com boom with the million of static website .There was no active communication or information flow of information .It’s is likely to document presented with words and pictures neatly .Hyperlinking of the web pages .

Web 2.0 :Next updated version of Web 1.0 . It’s focus on read and write with sharing ability . Information published in Web 2.0 is travels like a wild fire . Widgets and tagging are important features of this version . Now non technical user can contribute to Web 2.0 .

This interaction and contribution has dramatically changed the landscape of the web .The Web 2.0 appears to be a welcome response to a web users demand to be more involved in what information is available to them.

Web 3.0 :This is lead turn to Web 2.0 . Its now semantic markup refers to communication gap between web user and computerized application . One basic thing everyone accept Web 3.0 network of application that work together . The users can do anything and everything within one place from single source of web . It is designed to support computer to computer interaction over the internet .