maharaja jinder mahal

Another Indian Become WWE Champion Jinder Mahal- The Maharaja

maharaja jinder mahal

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal- The Maharaja

About Yuvraj Singh Dhesi ring named Jinder Mahal The Maharaja is a Indo-Canadian Professional Wrestler , Currently Signed Up for WWE , Where he perform on the SmackDown. He is the nephew of wrestler Gama Singh.

He began his professional wrestler journey to make a wrestling career at the Martial Art Fitness Center in Calgary , Alberta training with Rick Bognar and Premier Martial Arts Wrestling (PMW). Dhesi also competed for Great North Wrestling (GNW), where he feuded with such wrestlers as Samoa Joe and Hannibal.

Travelled to Tampa, Florida to try out the world wrestling entertainment(WWE). During his first stint in WWE, Mahal had a short-lived alliance with his storyline brother-in-law, The Great Khali. Mahal was then mostly utilized as enhancement talent and would form 3MB, a trio who had rock star personas, with fellow lower card wrestlers, Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre.

After being released from WWE in the summer of 2014, he returned to the promotion two years later, improving his body condition and received a push after Wrestle Mania 33, culminating with a win over Randy Orton at Backlash in May 2017 for the WWE Championship, making him the 50th WWE Champion and the first wrestler of Indian descent to win the title.

If you seek the American dream, look no further than Jinder Mahal. The Indian Superstar is the very definition of a self-made man, having battled his way to the WWE Championship despite suffering trials and tribulations that would have sent a lesser person running for the hills.

Mahal made it his business to target the biggest dog in the yard from his first days in WWE, when he confronted the towering Great Khali. And even when Mahal found himself set back by his own ambitions, The Maharaja continued to press for the peak, forming unusual alliances and adopting new styles to improve his game and approach the mountaintop from a different path.

Rapper Who Created Jinder Mahal’s Entrance

With his contribution to Jinder Mahal’s entrance theme, rapper Ali Kaz becomes the first Pakistani artist to work with the WWE. The song, titled Sher (Hindi for ‘lion’), has been popular with audiences ever since it accompanied a returning Jinder Mahal in 2016. The voice and lyricist behind the track, Ali Kaz, recently sat down with The Express Tribune.

Dhesi on WWE

Dhesi made his televised WWE debut on the April 29, 2011 episode of SmackDown under the ring name Jinder Mahal, greeting backstage fellow Indian wrestler The Great Khali and his manager Ranjin Singh by speaking in Punjabi that he was really happy and excited to see Khali and Ranjin.

The next week on SmackDown, Mahal, unimpressed by how Khali and Singh have been partaking in childish activities instead of winning matches, confronted Singh about his mismanagement of Khali, establishing himself as a villain. Mahal interrupted a Khali Kiss Cam segment the following week on SmackDown, slapping Khali twice.