World Fastest Supercomputer is Born Chinese

Tianhe 2

China have upgraded their supercomputer named Tianhe-2 code name Milkyway-2 developed by China’s National Defense Technology become the number one position with a performance of 33.86 petaflop/seconds (quadrillions of calculation per second) on the linpack benchmark . It was built by china national university of defense technology . Tianhe-2 will be used for Government Security Concerns ,analysis .

With 16000 computer nodes , each computing two intel Ivy Bridge Xeon processors and three Xeon Phi chips . World largest installation of IVY Bridge and Xeon Phi Chips by Intel .Total counting of over 31,20,000 cores . Each of 16000 nodes posses 88 gb memory . Cu plus co processor memory of 1375 TiB(Tebibyte) approximately 1.34 PiB(Petibyte).Comparatively 1375Tib converted to 1515.127023075tb approx .

China has now two spot for fastest computer first name sunway taihulight built by National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi and other Tianhe-2 National Super Computer Center in Guangzhou in China . Thirds spot by Swizerland SupercomputerPiz Diant run by Swiss National Supercomputing Center and Fourth Spot by Supercomputer Titan by Doe/Sc/Oak Ridge National laboratory in United States .

List of Top 500 most Powerful Supercomputers in the world .China is already started it another supercomputer 1,000,000,000,000,000 calculations prototype will be completed this year . China show its power through the largest supercomputer .

US Banned Export High Performance Chips to China

In year 2015 United States ban the higher performance chips to china . Tianhe-2 is built with the Intel ivy bridge and xeon phi high performance processors . The Department of Commerce said that exporting such technology is as security concerns to American National . Supercomputer are used to national security and scientific research . Many other government using supercomputers for national calamity , weather reports , cyber security and many more place super computing used .

Top 10 World Faster Supercomputer

Sunway TaihuLight — China
Tianhe-2 (MilkyWay-2) — China
Piz Daint — Switzerland
Titan — United States
Sequoia — United States
Cori — United States
Oakforest-PACS — Japan
K Computer — Japan
Mira — United States
Trinity — United States