wayback machine

Wayback Machine the internet time capsule copy of web internet archive

wayback machine

A Wayback Machine also known as the internet archive launched in 2001. A very useful digital time capsule for storing the history of the web. This website is used to store the current webpage for use in future purposes. More than 750 billion webpages from 1996 so you can find the history of stored websites. With 750 billion webpages, 20 million books, text, 4 million videos, and dozen of software records in the Wayback Machine.

How Can I Use Wayback Machine

1. Type Your Query on the search engine as a Wayback machine or Internet Archive get access to the digital library of old history.
2. Know about the history of any digital assets by typing the web address of particular websites.
3. Click on the date section filter by year and select the day of the month that history you want to know about.
4. Select highlighted circle in green or blue for a saved screenshot of that day.
5. You can also be used Wayback Machines to download e-books, videos, and software.

Features of the Way Back Machine :

1. View Site Changes- A History of changes in websites available only with the search of the website. You can use the way back machine to compare the site appearance on a different date to see the changes. Helpful for SEO purposes check the site changes in ranking and fixed the problem as soon as possible.

2. Find old Redirect Opportunites – With Wayback Machine you can find the old structure of the URL that existed on a site at one time. You can use Wayback Machine and Screaming Frog Seo tools similarly to best for your SEO.

3. Wayback Friendly Robots.txt- Make sure your website has no crawl issue or blocking Wayback crawler to sites. With Robots.txt you can permit any user agent who wants to crawl your website to get your detailed URL structure. A crawlable website will show on the Wayback machine timeline.