Telecom Pricing War Going to End ? Battle going to be End

telecom war
Telecom Pricing War Going to End ?Last year huge disruption on telecom industries after Reliance Jio entered on telecommunication business . A new fight start between telecom operators with pricing war Reliance Jio given free voice call and daily data for internet surfing download .All operators price goes down to fight with Reliance Jio price cut by 50% and many te...
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Reliance Industries Limited become first indian company to hit 6 Trillion Market Capital

Reliance Crossed 6 Trillion Market CapitalizationAbout Reliance Industries Limited(RIL) is an Indian conglomerate holding company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India . Reliance is multinational company work in india and also work in overseas.Reliance is the most profitable company in india with the market capitalization reach over 6 Trillion Rupees and secon...
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Jio Phone Pre-booking Suspended over high demand Will Start Early

Jio Phone
Jio Phone Resume Pre-bookingJio phone launched on 40th Annual General Meeting addressed the company shareholder . Dedicating the group’s 40 years of achievements and records to founder chairman Dhirubhai Ambani . RIL market capital has grown from Rs 10 Crore to 5 lakh Crore . Mr ambani launced jio phone with 4g enable feature jio phone .Reliance Industries(RIL) prod...
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Jio 4G With Chinese Heart

Jio Smartphone
Jio 4G Featured Phone made with Chinese HeartWith a big launch of Reliance Jio phone with 4g enabled featured phone created a positive waves in telecom sectors . You able to pre order or pre book jio phones reach to your hand after 15 September . Jio is working for promise to delivered your featured phone earliest as possible date . Reliance jio feature phone availa...
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Booking for Jio 4G Phone Started

Your favourite Jio comes with a new Jio Smart Keypad Phone . You likely to buy your first keypad smartphone from the jio . After so much time way back to old technology in new way jio smart features phone have a all ability to new age smartphone with 4G technology . Because of Jio Telecommunication leaders have changes their plan and loss thousands of crore to meet up w...
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