Selfie Will be Harm You Take Precautions Before taking Selfie


Selfie Will be Harm You

Selfie is a common thing doing when we go outside or meet someone or us something exciting that need make you get your selfie from smartphone and sometimes with your camera everyone taking a selfie when feeling boring and meet together with friends or family. It’s no doubt someone who never take a selfie for sharing with a friend on social networking or an a during chat everyone like to take selfie .

Sometime nothing to do and work take nuisance selfie to make you or her happy. Daily life is going very fast we will be a part of social values. sometimes selfie will harm you with an accident when you do not take care of the selfie .

What You Think When You Take Selfie


Just like that out of world feeling make you crazy about the selfie When You Get Addicted

How Selfie will harm You

When you take selfie all thinking are Good. Well, it shows that you can take it with a smartphone or with a professional camera. Taking own selfie or friend selfie only for sharing on the social networks to get like or comment about yourself. One like make you very happy and many like make you out of the world you are too much much popular in your network. Everyone loves you and like you are a social queen or a king of the network. Damn this feeling is too good for anyone. No one knows you will harm yourself with a selfie in many ways online and offline everywhere. One selfie will make your good and too much bad .

Selfie Harm You in Many Way

1. Selfie taking during walk causes a real accident with you or someone who comes in the road. So take selfies carefully save yourselves and save others with your selfie. Don’t make someone hurt you when you taking selfie .

2. Addicted to selfie could be a sign of mental health problems many experts warn the taking selfie regularly or in the same period cause a disorder of mental health. Physiological well being and trouble in their relationship with other people. Selfie fans are more likely to be dangerous and self-obsessed when some stop you taking a selfie make you hurt inside feeling low .

3. Selfie cause privacy risk . Anyone can recognize you and use your selfies in the wrong way will harm you. Your privacy can be a break on the social network. Get handy materials to the criminal minded and terrorist to use your selfies. Selfie talk their own anyone can locate your location about your home and about your institute or college. To take advantage of you. So take care and share carefully. Your selfie use to crack your smartphone and also used to capture photos for credit card fraudulent .