How to Make Money with Blogging in 4 Steps


Many are thinking blogging is a just wasting a time who don’t know the real power of words . Words says Everything . Blog is like a word available to whole world in free . Bloggers are aware of things what are going outside world what viral now and what happens in current time .

Just you think up to earning but no way to earn . You think up writing a blog better than work for someone for full day . Write for himself do information for the world . All know blogging is not a profession like other example – accountants , ceo , and other jobs you know already .

Better than working for someone you able to write own a blog . Writing a blog a not easy task everyone who writing not get earning . if you spirited blogger able to write stories about new information and good in writing than blogging is writing for get monthly earning.

May be all who not aware of blog may be think blogging is Joke


Guide to Blogging and Set Up Your Own Blog

Follow my step and step wizard to set up your blog to start blogging . This guide i writing may be motivate you or not but I want to write about all things before you need for own blogging and start earning . For best decision to set your blog start Here :

Getting Started to Blogging :

Step 1 :Set up your blog to your blogging . In internet many blogging platform available free to write your own blog but wordpress , blogger , tumblr are the best platform to ready start your blog for free . Free blogging is good for beginner who have no experience with the blog. If you want blog start earning than prefer the custom domain for your blog is a good idea .

Custom Domain give your blog a identity setting up custom domain is good for long term blogging career . For seo purpose custom domain is good to index your blog fast than the free one . Easy to speak custom domain name is better .When your Blog popular your user only type the name of your blog in the search or do direct comes to your blog .

Step 2 :Purchase a hosting for blog with custom domain : For beginner who have not have money to purchase hosting better option is host their custom domain or free blog on some popular blogging platform . Blogspot blogging platform give you a power to host your custom domain for free without https protocol . You only need to update dns setting on the domain you purchased through some hosting providers .

Step 3 : Writing a great content is very important task to any bloggers who want to earning through a blogging . Writing good is not only good write smartly .

Step 4 : Share Your Content to Search Engines and Social Media to find easily .

Types of Blogs

Personal Blog : Personal Blog is just like online diary of blogger who like to share daily updates ,experience , feeling and thoughts with an audience . For personal blogger their are no rules or regulation to follow . Just open thoughts writing the simple pages .

The success of personal blogger is to share unique content and thinking to the audience . And find same bloggers who share the same interest . As you grow interactions with other personal bloggers they also engage with the your blog post .

Business Blog : Business blogger who write for own business or writing for someone who pay for blogging . Many bloggers online with good writing skill working for company and someone who pay for writing a blog behalf of them in their website .

The business blogger goal to gain more exposure , traffic and ultimately customers for their business . For Successful as business bloggers all need to grow audience with the subscribe email list and lead building who interest you blog to read like to get updated with the your news .

Blogging for Business

Professional Blog : Professional bloggers has same motive like a business blogger to make money with the blog online . But their efforts to make earning salary through the content on their website with use of variety of monetization strategies to achieve goals . Professional blogger work on their niche blog to generate revenue . Each blog would need to have a good potential to attracting large audience and lots of traffic to attract products and sales .

Niche Blog : Niche Blog is another type of blog that only focusing on broad topic , specially related to not more than one topic like tech blogger will only write a blog post about the related technology , updated technology and new technologies .It’s easy to identify the niche you like the most and know about topic deeply understand and know every point of strengths and weakness of that niche . It’s important to pick a topic according to your passion and interest .

More Blogging Types Continue

Guest Blog : Guest blog also a great type of blogging where website have multi author . Different authors have different knowledge where all bloggers share differnt knowledge to audience . As guest posting may need to moderate post according to website need . It help you attract visitors to blog due to many topics are discussed in same place the online readers and followers will grown sharply .

Affiliate Blog : May be you understand the blog type affiliate blog are different from another blog its like ecommerce store or link directory or something similar . These types of blog earning money through showcase other company products for the commission generate through the affiliate link on the website . Affiliate blogs are good who have got many clicks and got lot of traffic in their website . Affiliate website redirect user to different website for shopping purpose . They may review products on their website to show in search results .