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Google Issue Refunds for Fake Traffic over ad fraud

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Google Refunds Money for Fake Traffic

Internet Giant Google is issuing a refund to it, advertisers, after detecting ad fraud means fraudulent click come on the ads. Now Google has working to remove monetary incentives to fraudulent. Last Friday the Wall Street Journal published a report about Google Double Click Bid Managers detected fraud on their system in a few years.

DBM is a google bidding platform for online advertisers and publishers acquired by Google in late 2008. An industry reports global advertising losses through bot robots up to $6.5 Million in 2017. Google informed their marketers and agency partners about the problems that come over the week. Google has a good reputation for its system that not means every click are come by bot or something that causes advertisers to lose their revenue.

Sources : Wall Street Journal

Google is issuing refunds for ads that run with fake traffic, web giant develops a tool to give advertisers more transparency for its ads platform Google Bidding Platform. Alphabet informed hundreds of marketers and agency partners about the fraud over click for invalid traffic comes from the bot and automated software .

Google only refunds the amount to only a fraction of cost that comes from ads served from faking traffic which has left some advertiser unsatisfied. Google has offered to reimburse its platform fee which ad buyers said typically ranges from 7% to 10 % of their total purchase. The ad spending flow through the exchanges. The publisher sites with fraudulent traffic. Click is generated by a software program called bots instead of humans .

Source CNBC: Google Said Last Month that test it had run confirmed how widespread of an issue this for publishers. The refund also suggests their also a downside to the recent push. A spokesperson for Google a unit of Alphabet declined to comment on the wall street journal report but confirmed that the refunds were made for ads placed on partners site with fake traffic created by bots or automated software that look like legitimate users.