Apple Market Capitalization hit $900 Billion or go Through become $1 Trillion Dollar Company

Apple Inc. world most valuable company just broke a new record at stock market . Apple Share hit an all time high trading price at $179.30 on February 27 , 2018 Get in position to touch $909 billion dollar record . It’s first publicly traded United States Company to reach $900 billion Market Capitalization . Apple is Fresh on the heel with iPhoneX which garnered critical acclaim about the high price tag and short supply . And rumors of Apple will stop the production of its latest iphone model Iphone X .

It’s Competitor Alphabet Inc. not reached a market capital of $800 billion . Google become the second company with crossed $700 billion milestone . After reported market capital reached $900 billion now next milestone is to come on $1 Trillion Dollar Company . Technology giant continues to cracking the milestone .

The company’s balance sheet is also in better shape than Wall Street thought. Apple reported quarterly earnings this month that were above expectations and revenue that topped estimates, as the iPhone 8 series got off to a fast start, and Macs reached record revenue for the 2017 fiscal year.

Its latest product, the iPhone X, seems to be a hit despite a high price, with supplies back ordered for weeks. And Apple stands to be one of the primary beneficiaries if the Republican party passes tax reform and allows Apple to bring some of its over $200 billion in cash and securities held overseas back to the United States at a reduced rate.

Technology Company like Apple , Microsoft and Some other Big name has ability to build loyalty for their products and services to attract customers to services and attract the customer who left the company for some reason . These tech company dominates the American Equity Index like Apple , Microsoft , Google , Amazon and Facebook are most highly capitalized stock in the united states . These companies will reach the current milestone of $900 billion and able to touch $1 Trillion Market Capitalization .