7 Productivity Apps to Make Daily Life Easier


What is a productivity app?

A productivity app, in simple words, is application or system software that is designed to make your work life more easier. It is the category of software applications that play a prominent role in helping you reach your deadlines and goals faster and with greater efficiency. From a simple browser plugin to a feature-rich project management app, there are different kinds of productivity apps depending on the kind of work professional and personal you do. Find the right productivity app for the right job and you will be able to maintain a perfect work-life balance.

7 Productivity Apps to make work and life easier


Trello is an online tool for managing projects and personal tasks. That may sound rather prosaic. But this increasingly popular app often inspires the sort of passion usually reserved for consumer apps like Pinterest or Instagram. Trello new age web based collaborative project management and team management web application for all specially for team. Trello helps your team work with perspective Use trello to create board and organize anything when you are working invite your team member, friends and family to collaborate in one place. Make to do list. Assign task to yourself and coworkers and many more features.


About Slack It’s a digital work space that powers your organization — all the pieces and the people — so you can get things done. Slack another app to manage team project and hire new employees for organization hire a new employee deploy codes, sales contract, finalize next year budgets, Messaging between team. Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services, Communicate with team and organize conversion of topics, projects that matters to your work. Share and edit documents and collaborate with the right people only at slack.


Drop task visual task management app. Drop task vibrant and colorful interface with enjoyable task management help your organization to grow its almost help all from individual to teams for even most complex project manage your work and team remotely. Planning a project new work or keep daily work make easy with drop task. DropTask wants to differentiate not only with its colorful user interface, but also by being as easy and intuitive to use as possible, even for larger projects. DropTask can help individuals stay on top of their daily to-do lists and deadlines.

Rescue time

Resume time is a time management web application also for your smartphone. Understand your daily habits so you focus to be in work for more productive things. Manage your business deals and task under management of rescue time . Accurate time help you more profitable than ever. Set your alerts and goals, flags milestone , achievement only on Rescue time.


Photomath is a really good apps to calculate math only you need to point your camera towards a math problem than photomath will show the correct answers and help you in maths assistant. Solve math problem easily with photo math . Photo math support arithmetic, integers, fractions , decimal numbers, roots , linear equation and many more . Solve your problem easily. Most about PhotoMath focus on it’s use as a cheating tool. Let’s be honest: many kids cheat anyway, and an app which solves math problems automatically won’t make this problem worse.

To Do list

Remember your daily task and important to do work with to do list. Easy task management. Add your important task and milestone for work. To do list will notify you to work. Easy UI of to do list help to configure our to-do-list for daily work. You are able to add task simple with voice . Access your hot task quickly from quick task bar.

Team viewer

Team view is another good app for team and daily office work. Connect with your collegue, friends and family remotely. Access all files over the in app ui very easy to use make its most team friendly app available to all devices and compatible with windows, mac os, linux support almost everything do video call and instant messenger to task between team. Manage your task easily.

For More Efficient Productivity Apps are our need. That help us to streamline our daily task, appointment, scheduling or meeting. Here are list of some application to boost productivity. Some of best from thousand of application. Use and take advantages of these application for almost free for personal use.