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5G Technology

Speed Get Boost By 5g Technology

5G : what is ‘g’ stands for Generation . 5G is the Next Generation Wireless Technologies after 4G . Each Generation Get speed upgrade and more reliable . 5G will launched in india in next 4 or 5 year but government and telcom giants are thinking to 5G roll out in 2020 .

Its a highest challenge to india to invest in $60-$70 billion for 5G which will impact current 4G . 5G is need to upgrade all current cell towers with the fibres challenge . First need 5g is all connection goes through fibre optical cable . In US company like verizon and ATT look like to introduced 5G in 2018 .

Across the world , telcom giant are investing almost $200 billion a year in their network . As they Expand 4G connectivity and now the time to make decision to roll out 5G . For 5G all operators need to be upgraded to latest fiber wire accross the network to make it productive and fastest way to internet .

Many leading operators across the world looking to upgrade and roll out the 5G fast as possible to their customer . In Collaboration with GSMA Future Network Programme(formely known as Network 2020) for this transformation . GSMA’s global specifications, such as the Universal Profile, will ensure that new IP-based services are reliable, cost-effective and will work across different devices and different networks, in any market.

The Future Networks programme is making it easier for operators to modernise Person-to-Person (P2P) services like; Rich Communication Services (RCS) e.g. group chat, advanced voice calling and live HD video.To ensure global reach of IP based technologies, the Future Networks programme is finding new interconnection models which support the introduction of IP access and services.

This brings technical flexibility by simplifying the commercial principles to increase the opportunity for interconnected value as 4G evolves to be the main mobile technology for operators.

The GSMA’s holistic approach to 5G will ensure that vertical markets and consumers benefit from the opportunities created within the 5G Era. To meet user data demand and vertical capabilities, Future Networks will encourage innovative ways to reduce the capital (cost) intensity of the next generational step.

Set to arrive within the next three years, 5G could account for as many as 1.4 billion connections by 2025. By then, 5G networks are likely to cover one-third of the world’s population. The impact on the mobile industry and its customers will be profound.

Speed Comparison from 1G to 5G

5G Technologies