World First Commercial Flying Car for Sale


For many dream come to be true to run and fly a dream car into the sky made possible by dutch company pal-v . It’s will available and expected to hit united kingdom road by 2018 . PAL-V has created the Liberty Sport and Liberty Pioneer , a pair of two person and three wheeler able to flying at the speed of 112 mph .

Flying car will be available at two model pricing go through $ 400000 around Rs.26220000 and $ 600000 around Rs.39330000 .Maximum speed of 100 mph possible at the ground with in 9 seconds of start engines . it normally take up to 10 minutes to changes their style from normal car into helicopter like car . You able to ride up-to 310 miles from a just full tank .

Flying Car Limited Pioneer edition are priced $600000 dollars around Rs 3.78 crore in india before taxes . Price includes Flight instruction sessions , power heating and modification option . After many years of hard work , PAL-V announced a innovative flying car that complies with safety instruction and regulatory body around the world . The first 90 model of liberty pioneer edition come along with power heating , an electronic flight instrument display and other such special interior and exterior details .

Liberty a very new innovative invention from PAL-V . A car run of three wheel . But don’t worry its safe and created according to all safety regulation set by regulatory bodies . Car look like motorcycle when anyone see it from the front hitting with top speed of more than 150 kmph and go upto 100 kmph with a ten second just like a supercars like Ferrari , Lamborghini etc .

Car carrying two engines , rotor blades to become transfer into a helicopter just gyrocopter . In land driving speed upto 150 kmph and when it transform it into a gyrocopter it will touch the height of what you dreaming and go upto 310 miles with the top speed of 170 kmph when your tank in full .


Pal-V said : We inspired by the nature , engineered by man and evolved over time , the Pal-V Liberty is a groundbreaking product to change car into gyrocopter . Made for safety and fun , designed to satisfy . PAL-V is the more than your regular car . It break your regular problem from the everyday road traffic .

Running in three wheel and soft tilting motion in curve . The sky is no longer limit to anyone who afford PAL-V switch to driving to flying mode with in 10minutes . Have fun over the river , roads and many thing . Value engineering safe your valuable time what lost due to traffic jam . Go run in car and enjoy the nature .