United States Attack With Nuclear Bomb in North Korea


What happen when United States Attack on North Korea

World tension to nuclear war between united states and north korea become the threat to the world economic with daily new coming about the new happening and new testing from the north korea . North korea supreme leader kim jung un a Rocket man of North korea will creating a huge tension everywhere and it’s a beginning of world war 3 ?

Kim jun UN said he have tested their hydrogen bomb and the nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is able to reach united states . United states they will drop nuclear bomb over north korea this was disruption over the many economies with the fear of nuclear strikes .

Due to threats united states have travel ban from syria , libya , iran , sudan , somalia , north korea and yemen . Due to recent terror attack and nuclear threaten may be traveller ban from these countries .

US official said on their press release from Trump Administration that the north korea nuclear program is unacceptable and that the pyongyang has to give up all of it nuclear weapons. This was a goal of US policy under President George W. Bush, it was the goal of US policy under President Barack Obama, and it is now the goal of US policy under President
Donald Trump.

Thankfully, the US and North Korea are lobbing insults at each other for now instead of actual bombs.During his speech to the UN General Assembly on September 19, Trump said America would “totally destroy” North Korea if Pyongyang continued to threaten the US or its allies, adding that “Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.”Three days later, Kim fired back with sharply personal language of his own, claiming he would “surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire.”

Why did North Korea test a nuclear bomb?

A nuclear weapon is a ultimate power of an state of any country . But Wrong use will give big pinch to Humainity . Many Experts think that North Korea will used it Nuclear Weapon on the United states and the ally of united states .

Nuclear war not would win win position to the north korea . Nuclear testing is big tension as well as crisis to the world economy . Are korea start nuclear war with United states May be No as a answer due to united states able to fight back without get any loss with security features .

United States have developed their anti missile defense system THAAD that also installed near to south korea . South korea is great ally of the united states and united states strike back may be cause huge loss of innocent people who dont want to be dead . US Defense system Thaad Able to destroy short , medium and intermediate ballistic missiles which can able to track 100 missile and intercept them .