Triple Talaq Unconstitutional Act Ban In India

Triple Talaq Unconstitutional Act Ban In India

New Delhi : Last month supreme court done two historic judgement First on Triple talaq and Second on Right to Privacy . Thousands of case registered under triple talaq in India .

Unconstitutional Act done on Muslim women by their husband. All relations would be end after say only three words TALAQ TALAQ TALAQ . These three words are done not in the front of their wife . Talaq also done to unconstitutional methods like sms , whats app and many with no huge cause . Many Muslims are going to courts to help in this matter . This mode of divorce are ongoing between the Muslim simply uttering the three words to make a divorce .

What is Triple Talaq ?

There are three forms of talaq (divorce): Ahsan, Hasan and Talaq-e-Biddat (triple or instant talaq). Ahsan and Hasan are revocable. Biddat — pronouncing divorce in one go by the husband — is irrevocable.This mode of divorce is not universal among Muslims across the world, as many other Islamic schools of thought prefer the divorce process to be deferred, in many cases over a period of three months.

This issue attracted due to this going with many muslim women many have not a valid reason to giving talaq . Last Month Superme Court held with the 5 judge bench the new laws comes in the rule and banned on triple talaq . Majority of 3:2 struck down the triple talaq and instant divorce , a unconstitutional pratices done in india . Triple Talaq violated the fundamental rights of muslim women subjected to not more done in India .

Under Muslim Law , a husband enjoy special privileges and wife suffer different disabilities as compared to the husband . Husband is given an unauthorized power to give talaq to their wife by calling triple talaq . Talaq words three times to give talaq to their wife . There are many types of talaq like implied ,contingent , delegated or express .

After the death of the prophet , muslim religion got bifurcated into two major communities . It is material to mention that shia law does not recognize the triple talaq also known as talq-ul-biddat(instant talaq) . But this judgement coming last year by supreme court help to fight with cruicial social things . Now Triple Talaq is Banned .

where triple talaq banned ?

21 Countries who already banned unislamic act like India , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Turkey , Cyprus , Tunisia , Algeria , Malaysia , iran , srilanka , jordan , indonesia ,uae , qatar , sudan , morocco , egypt , iraq , brunei , malaysia . Thanks to Supreme court for banned of unconstitutional act going everyday on muslim women . Judgement come late but now good time for muslim women .