Donald Trump Seek $25 Billion for Border Wall to Offer Dreamer Citizenship

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday previewed his outline for an immigration bill that he will promote next week, saying he wants $25 billion to build a border wall and is open to granting citizenship to “Dreamer” immigrants brought to the United States as children.President Donald Trump on Monday will propose a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented...
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Us city to give poor residents over 30000 a month

Poor People
Imagine receiving a pile of cash each month from the government, no strings attached.The concept sounds radical, but it's an economic theory gaining traction from Silicon Valley to the Nordics, called universal basic income. Free money experiments are underway in a handful of countries as governments face evolving workforces and strained welfare systems.What is universa...
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US Nuclear Agency Chief Said Agency Working at Full Capacity

nuclear capacity
As president donald trump plan to modernize and expand their Unites States Nuclear Program , the outgoing head of America’s nuclear warhead agency is warning that his agency is stretched as far as it can go. Frank Klotz who retired from NNSA told that we are pretty much capacity in terms of people although we are hiring more . We arepretty much capacity in terms of the ...
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Indonesian troops drink snake blood to show military skills

Indonesian Troop
United States Defense Secretary Jim Mattis watched the rare display on trip to Indonesia where we sought to improve ties with the country historically vicious special forces . As a part of that trip Mattis watched the demonstration by soldiers during demonstrate their skills like broke bricks over the heads , walk on hot coals , performed martial arts , rolled in broken gl...
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US set to overtake Saudi as #2nd position Oil Producer

According to International Energy Agency (IEA) expects the United States Crude Oil Production to overtake the rivals Saudi Arabia and Russia . Growth forecast comes to become the second largest producers after Russia . United states crude oil production forecast to rise at 7 percent this year nearly to 11 million a day . Reaching nearly to rival Saudi oil producer that pr...
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