Russian Firm unevils Surveillance Proof Smartphone

Russian Firm Info Watch Enveils their Smartphone named Tiaga Survillence Proof Smartphone with the kaspersky solutions headed by Natalya Ivanovna Kasperskaya(President of Info Watch and Co-founder and Ex-ceo of Kaspersky lab) . For Russian who fears that someone may be eavesdropping on their phone conversion. At a business forum in moscow info watch presented their surv...
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World First Air Bike Cum Drone from Hoversurf Startup from Russia

World First Air Bike Cum DroneHave you dreamed flying a bike into as ride like in bike not on road . Your Dream to flying bike may be possible in future . Hoversurf a Russian startup build the fully made bike cum drone last week and show off their bike named scorpion 3 single seater electric powered hoverbike . Cool Startup that ideas now become true that made possible ...
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Blue Whale Suicide Game ? Why it crazy with the Children ?

Blue Whale
Everyone seen and Reading online and newspapers about Blue Whale Suicide Game what is it ? and why blue whale suicide game listen everywhere . This game is origin from the russia from Russian Social Networking Giant VKontakte on 2013 . What the story of Blue Whale Suicide Games .THIS IS no conventional game that can be downloaded from an app store on the mobile, but a ...
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