Will Drop in Interconnection Charges Effect Telcos ?

Trai Going to drop Interconnection ChargesWhat is term IUC ? In telecommunications the term interconnection refer to the physical linking carrier's network with the equipment or facility not belonging to that network . The term may refer to a connection between a carrier's facilities and the betweena customer or the connection between two different carrier .The indi...
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Jio Phone Pre-booking Suspended over high demand Will Start Early

Jio Phone
Jio Phone Resume Pre-bookingJio phone launched on 40th Annual General Meeting addressed the company shareholder . Dedicating the group’s 40 years of achievements and records to founder chairman Dhirubhai Ambani . RIL market capital has grown from Rs 10 Crore to 5 lakh Crore . Mr ambani launced jio phone with 4g enable feature jio phone .Reliance Industries(RIL) prod...
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Jio 4G With Chinese Heart

Jio Smartphone
Jio 4G Featured Phone made with Chinese HeartWith a big launch of Reliance Jio phone with 4g enabled featured phone created a positive waves in telecom sectors . You able to pre order or pre book jio phones reach to your hand after 15 September . Jio is working for promise to delivered your featured phone earliest as possible date . Reliance jio feature phone availa...
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Booking for Jio 4G Phone Started

Your favourite Jio comes with a new Jio Smart Keypad Phone . You likely to buy your first keypad smartphone from the jio . After so much time way back to old technology in new way jio smart features phone have a all ability to new age smartphone with 4G technology . Because of Jio Telecommunication leaders have changes their plan and loss thousands of crore to meet up w...
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