Take A Look to New Gmail Redesign Refresh Your Mail Experience

One of the most authentic brand google brings makeover to their email services gmail . Gmail is world most popular email service with the more than 1.3 billion active user around the world . Google Refreshed the gmail experience and touch the new height . Officially its Come this month and released to the regular user after redesigned.Now you able to experience the ne...
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Google will pay $1000 for find bug and loophole on Android Apps

Google Launched a Bounty Program to Find Bugs in Android AppsLast year Google Launched a Bounty Programme to find security inflaw , bugs and security loop holes in android apps . The Google Play Security Programme will reward $1000 to finding bugs for contribution of security of apps make google app store more secure to everyone .All Google's apps are included and dev...
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Google become authentic brand in india beat Microsoft

authentic brand
Google Considered as Authentic Brand in IndiaAccording to New York Based Global Communication firm Cohn & Wolfe . Search Engine Giant emerged as Authentic brand in India and in Top 10 list of authentic brand followed by Microsoft , Amazon , Maruti Suzuki , Apple ,Sony, YouTube , BMW , British Airways and Mercedes Benz . Google have placed in top rank 1 in authentic b...
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Google New Payment Tez will take over Paytm

Google Tez
Google Launched New Payment WalletsA tech giant google recently launched indian payment wallet app named tez for indian users . Its already have a wallet app name google wallets for all international users who like to send and receive payments from everywhere inbuilt under the app . Receive money directly to bank . Now google launched another app only available to india...
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Google Issue Refunds for Fake Traffic over ad fraud

Google Doodle
Google Refunds Money for Fake TrafficInternet Giant Google is issuing refund to it advertisers after detecting ad fraud means fraudulent click come on the ads . Now google has working to remove monetary incentives to fraudulent . Last Friday the Wall Street Journal published report about Google Double Click Bid Managers detected fraud on their system in few year . D...
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