World First Zero Emission Hydrogen Passenger Train Coming in Germany

Hydrogen Train
iLint: the world’s first hydrogen-powered trainA New Innovative Transport Technology Successfully Tested in Germany by Alstom . Alstom is making progress on it iLint Train grab the people attention around the world and most innovative technology to tackle air pollution .It's usually most fastest , longest and expensive project in the Germany . It'sWill change and revoluti...
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India Become 6th wealthiest Nation with Total Wealth of $8230

New Delhi
India 6th wealthiest country with total wealth of $8,230 billion India has been ranked the sixth wealthiest country with total wealth of $8,230 billion. The United States topped the chart with the total wealth of $64,584 billion in 2017, says a report by New World Wealth.Total wealth refers to the private wealth held by all the individuals living in each country/c...
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