Harmony OS will Replace Android and iOS in China ?

harmony os
Harmony OS is an upcoming Operating System by world 2nd phone maker Huawei unveiled on 9 August 2019, the platform is designed to work with all devices like smart devices like smart watches, smart screens, in-vehicle systems, smart speakers phone, tablets, tv, car and internet of things (IoT) devices. Huawei decides to Own Operating System compare to Android and iOS operati...
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Top Apps May You like to Install on Android

HotstarHotstar app for live streaming favorite movie , television show , live cricket matches and news online with your family . We are busy in life doing school homework , office work and many thing to do so . Without good entertainment solutions life getting boring . So we need to entertaining ourselves . Best features of this app many show free to watch without spendin...
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Top 10 Android Games You like to Play 2017

Android Games
Pokemon goSometime in past pokemon was the one of popular cartoon comes on cartoon network or some places connected to Disney platform . All kids watching pokemon everyday wherever its comes now time are change now pokemon back with the new interesting name pokemon go . Pokemon go Early released last year on 16 July 2016 now it becomes viral between the kids and eld...
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