Harmony Os New Operating System Microkernel architecture

Harmony OS, styled as HarmonyOS, is an upcoming open source, microkernel-based distributed operating system being developed by Huawei. Unveiled on 9 August 2019, the platform is designed primarily for the internet of things devices. It was originally speculated to a mobile operating system that could replace android on Future Huawei Devices. Currently, Huawei is supporting ...
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Harmony OS will Replace Android and iOS in China ?

harmony os
Harmony OS is an upcoming Operating System by world 2nd phone maker Huawei unveiled on 9 August 2019, the platform is designed to work with all devices like smart devices like smart watches, smart screens, in-vehicle systems, smart speakers phone, tablets, tv, car and internet of things (IoT) devices. Huawei decides to Own Operating System compare to Android and iOS operati...
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Qualcomm Successfully test First 5G Mobile Device

Qualcomm carries out first 5G mobile device testQualcomm Successful achieve a 5g data connection on 5g modem chipset for the mobile device .The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X50 5G modem chipset delivered gigabit speeds and a data connection in the 28GHz mmWave radio frequency band, driving a new generation of cellular technology forward while accelerating the delivery of...
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5G Technology Network will Become More Better

5G Technology
Speed Get Boost By 5g Technology5G : what is 'g' stands for Generation . 5G is the Next Generation Wireless Technologies after 4G . Each Generation Get speed upgrade and more reliable . 5G will launched in india in next 4 or 5 year but government and telcom giants are thinking to 5G roll out in 2020 .Its a highest challenge to india to invest in $60-$70 billion fo...
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