Sarahah Apps Cause Privacy Issues


Privacy Issues Annoymous not a private

Sarahah app was created by Saudi Arabia Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, has become a full-blown fad, taking over the feeds of Twitter and Facebook. The service, named for the Arabic word for “honesty,” quickly became a hit following its launch overseas in February, with BBC reporting more than 20 million users in a matter of weeks.

A new app called Sarahah launched over the last year trending everywhere . To get feedback of friend anonymously without getting friend name . It could be dangerous due to it take your privacy its access your entire contact list , your photos media files , storage , camera , full network access .

You should beware of this app because of anonymous feedback just not as private just sound like thats .Sarahah is trending on android store and iphone store to send anonymous feedback to friends without know herself .

A social viral app sarahah is new but a viral on the web . Many seen the Sarahah app popping up on their facebook feeds . It is all over the place . You already heard about facebook and snapchat . Sarahah is app which can be downloaded by android and ios store . When app hit the play store within just a few month the app has spread like a wild fire and get over 50 lakh download over the app store .

The apps is easy sync like another popular apps like facebook , snapchat and instagram . it lets user send anonymous messages to each other . Popularity in under age user cause privacy issues that need parents varied about it .