Remember 7 things When You are Using Public Wifi

7 things make your data safe When You Using Public Wifi

You are out for doing shopping , meet the friend and official get together in someplace where internet connection may be poor . When we need internet urgently , we find coffee shop or restaurant to access public wifi . Using Public Wifi are answer to problem . Are you know that using public wifi are unsafe . Your private data will able to get leaked . So Consider some precautions before using public wifi make your data safe from access of hackers and from spy.

Public Wifi are Unsafe

Remember 7 things Using Public Wifi :keep your operating system up-to-date . Updated operating system help you to stay you and your data safe . New update are not only giving you latest features also comes with security patches and fixes to your data safe . Outdated operating system is easy to get hacked or leaked by spy . So update your smartphone or your laptop os to fix vulnerabilities and prevent hackers from stealing your data . And this tip make you safe not only on open wifi also every time when you connected to the internet . Also turn off the network discovery and file sharing .

Use Antivirus Software to make your system stay safe antivirus is now part of any devices from laptop to smartphone everywhere we need to install good antivirus software . Wifi are not even safe for anyone but antivirus software help you from the attack of malicious code and software download over the wifi . In old time antivirus software only need in pc or laptop but in changing digital time virus , malware and adware attacking on the smartphone so every one need to install good antivirus software many antivirus software you get easily downloaded over the internet for free . Free antivirus have limit don’t gave a full features of premium antivirus . Antivirus software firewall blocked the bad sites to view .

Check the speed of wifi with the speedtest tool on the speedtest website . Check your wifi speed connection is slow ? Slow wifi signal that wifi have compromised that have a chance that the wifi is slow because that data are get leaked. Take care with wifi consider to disconnect the network immediately and also forgot the network for it not connected to your device automatically . Another chance wifi signal not coming from the router but chance to come through some device that cause your data in potentially dangerous.

Avoid Banking and Online transaction in local wifi due to unsafe it cause you will loss money . Example- Your are party with someone than you will got a message that your account no 36445xxxxx would be debited by 654xxx rupees . You can checked your wallets that all thing fine . That time you often used wifi to get your balance check but its wrong to checking your money wallet using free wifi . Its only a trick to connect local wifi hacker easily get data access from your device . So don’t use banking and online transaction without https will be safe from your data get hacked .

Use two factor authentication : Two factor authentication make your data safe from the hacker for fetching data from the social website , mail that need to confirm identity with two way authentication . If some one already get your password or something similar to password than two factor authentication will save you . No one able to use your login credential without security code every time for login need new security code as confirmation . Remember this thing also and dont save the device for future use .

Don’t forgot to disable wifi after use many people easily forgot to disable wifi or forgot network that not to be connected automatically . No network should be connected to your device without your confirmation request . Automatically Connected Network are great chances to be compromised an your data get leaked in public without your notice you may be money loss or something bad that you don’t want to be happen to you .

Use Free VPN services easily available to any devices to make your sensitive data hide from the hackers . VPN can be minimized the chance of loss of data will be spy by some due to VPN technology use another location and not detect data to anyone also a ISP will not find your track . In usual way VPN will encrypting your traffic as it leave your device.