Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Better Activity Tracker

Fitbit Iconic

Track Your Health with Fitbit

A personalised fitness activity tracker from fitbit help you goal in real-time built in GPS , show your heart rate during running or after running . Water resistant watch help you to track the burn calories during swimming . Nowadays wearable trending between the fitness geek to track daily fitness related activity .

Fitbit are the major players in fitness brand now . Everyone like to wear activity tracker known as fitness tracker .A fitness wearable gadget is more than a smartwatch . In old time you only able to see a time from the watch but now time changes you able to anything with smartwatch like play music , mobile payments , checkout popular apps from under UI .

Fitbit iconic built in GPS for outdoor fitness tracking , water resistance upto 50 meters for swimming , all day heart rate sensor . Track your sleep . More than 4 day battery life not need to charge your smartwatch daily .

Fitbit out their smartwatch too late already many competitors like Apple and Samsung . They have build out loyal community of users along with the technically advanced with 4G LTE than the Iconic . Checkout the review before the purchase of smartwatch that make you little bit cost of more than $300 according to the brands who already on competition .

Is Fitbit Iconic ready to beat Apple Smartwatch If you think fitbit not a good watch collection than fitbit iconic watch are symbol to blaze the market as a activity tracker and a fitness watch . That have a android and ios ready apps for the user who like to track their fitness regularly . Iconic watch comes under $299 .

Apple also released a Watch Series 3 come with identical features like built in GPS and altimeter that help you to reach fitness to the next level .You can wear watch in gym during exercise and time when you doing swimming ad the dip pool.