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Coevote Comment and Community Guidelines :

Welcome to the Coevote . At Coevote we love hosting a friendly and engaging environment for everyone to participate. Our goal is to create informative community conversations that are helpful to each other. In order to maintain standards here are some guidelines for how to participate and also reach us in social networks through comments.

  • Respect Each Other Opinions : Its simple don’t jerk . Do politely ask us the questions or want to contribute you can connect your opinion through social media .

  • Stay on Topic : Comment you can share up to topic don’t spam with jerk comments . You are able to share links related to the topic in your comment we will review your comment .

  • Don’t Spam and Advertise Your Product : Zero tolerance to the spam comments ! All will be deleted. This includes self promotion and Generally Speaking about the Project here will be treated as spam .

  • Respect people privacy : Don’t Share Another personal information here. We Reserve a Right to Moderate which is able to be seen on the Website.

  • Personal Attack on Each other : Don’t attack or insult another user . Help us to make new community and a friendly place for discussions.

At Coevote Discretion, At any time we can close the discussion thread to disallow further comment submission. We will do censorship of good or bad comments on the respective thread. You are free to say whatever you like on the other sites but not here we like to make the community clean and informative to the others. We do reserve the right to delete a comment. We only do a necessary action when it needs. Inform us directly through mail or social media personal messages.

Have Fun and Enjoy !.