China Sends Hackproof Unhackable Signal from Space to Earth

China Quantum Satellite has successfully sends Unhackable Hack Proof Data to Earth

China says it has launched the world’s first quantum satellite, a project Beijing hopes will enable it to build a coveted hack proof communications system with potentially significant military and commercial applications. Xinhua Reported , Beijing’s official news service :China has successfully launched 600kg quantum satellite that is nicknamed after an ancient Chinese philosopher, “roared into the dark sky” over the Gobi desert at 1.40am local time on Tuesday, carried by a Long March-2D rocket. The satellite is to be developed by china for its two year mission to develop ‘hack-proof’ quantum communications allowing users to send messages securely and built as fast as light .

A Chinese Quantam Satellite has sent ‘Spooky’ message from the space . It harness the bizarre phenomenon of quantum entanglement where particles can affect another twin in space . Quantum Satellite sent a message from over 1200 km 12 times more than before for future secure communication between the user no one able to hack the message sent from quantum satellite in future it help for signal of internet .The message was protected by exploiting quantum physics, which says any attempt to eavesdrop on it would make detectable changes. The messages were sent to two receiving-stations on Tibetan mountains, at a distance of 645km and 1,200km from Micius.

Micius Satellite :Micius is the world’s first quantum communications satellite.It is named after an ancient Chinese philosopher and scientist who died in 391 BC.It was launched last year into a Sun-synchronous orbit; it is a highly sensitive photon receiver.By sending ‘unbreakable quantum code’, Micius has accomplished two of its three primary goals; the first was sending entangled photons, which was achieved in July.

Current encryption technology relies on traditional mathematics that hackers can now solve using powerful computers. Quantum computing now promises to eliminate the threat through quantum key distribution, a more advanced encryption technology that ensures the safety of confidential files.Using the one-time pad encryption this key is proven to be secure … to encrypt (and decrypt) a message, which can then be transmitted over a standard communication channel.

In a statement to Xinhua news agency, Pan Jianwei, lead scientist of the project said:“Satellite-based quantum key distribution can be linked to metropolitan quantum networks where fibres are sufficient and convenient to connect numerous users within a city over 100 km. We can thus envision a space-ground integrated quantum network, enabling quantum cryptography- most likely the first commercial application of quantum information- useful at a global scale.”