Alibaba launches AI based traffic solution in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

smart city
Alibaba e-commerce giant cloud computing arm introduced in Malaysia City Brain , an artificial intelligence based smart city solution to manage traffic at kuala lumpur . Initiative started with alliance of Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation and Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) , the city council in the capital at a ceremony . The initiative taken place to organize and...
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IBM launched Blockchain Banking for Speed up Global Payment

Blockchain Banking Changing Landscape of Banking Sector A blockchain technology is a anonymous online ledger that use data structure to simplify the way we transact . Bitcoin is the popular example of the blockchain technology . Its allow user to manipulate the ledger in secure way without the help of a third party . Now blockchain technology currently started using in...
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Best CDN Content Delivery Network Providers for Business

A CDN Refers to Content Delivery Network is a highly geographically distributed platforms of servers which work together to faster delivery of your online content including web application speed up and streaming media .A cdn allow quick transfers of assets need to load your static content over the internet like html pages , javascripts , stylesheet files , images and videos...
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Apple Recently Acquired wireless charging company powerbyproxi

Wireless charging company powerbyproxi Apple recently purchased PowerbyProxy , a company that designed a wireless power solution reported by New Zealand website Stuff . For Wireless charging for their iphone edition - iphone x and iphone 8 smartphone . An Apple spokesman confirmed the acquisition, which was earlier reported in New Zealand media. Wireless charging allo...
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Boost Google Page Ranking with Free SSL

Have You Know HTTPS is For Ranking Signal First of All we need to know about ssl many of us already know about SSL . SSL formerly known as Secure Sockets Layer is standard technology security protocol to establishing encrypted link between the web server and a browser .This means everything from links ,images , data are encrypted through the ssl all link ensures that all d...
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