Indonesian troops drink snake blood to show military skills

Indonesian Troop
United States Defense Secretary Jim Mattis watched the rare display on trip to Indonesia where we sought to improve ties with the country historically vicious special forces . As a part of that trip Mattis watched the demonstration by soldiers during demonstrate their skills like broke bricks over the heads , walk on hot coals , performed martial arts , rolled in broken gl...
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New Great Wall of China at Xinjiang to Protect Border from Militant Infiltration

China going to Build New Great Wall near Xinjiang due to hundred of people have killed in xinjiang over a few year in violence . Xinjiang is violence-prone area of china . Violence between uighurs , a mostly muslim people who speak a turkic language and ethnic majority of chinese . For protecting from violenceand infiltration of militants from the outside country . Going to...
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Mike Pence : United States Never Allow Iran to Possess Nuclear Weapon

Nuclear Bomb
US Vice President Mike Pence vowed on Monday in an address to the Israeli parliament that Washington will never allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. “I have a solemn promise to Israel, to all the Middle East and to the world — the United States of America will never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon,” Pence said to applause from Israeli MPs. The 2015 deal that...
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Cyber Attack possible on Airports , Railway and other Public Wifi hotspot

Is Public Wifi Safe Beware of potential vulnerability to cyber attack When you visit railway , airport and any public wifi hotspot where you get free wifi access without know the risk of exchanging data over the free wifi you may have chance to be a online fraud or cyber attack due to these public hotspot not safe vulnerable to your data got hack . Successful exploitat...
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Google will pay $1000 for find bug and loophole on Android Apps

Google Launched a Bounty Program to Find Bugs in Android Apps Last year Google Launched a Bounty Programme to find security inflaw , bugs and security loop holes in android apps . The Google Play Security Programme will reward $1000 to finding bugs for contribution of security of apps make google app store more secure to everyone .All Google's apps are included and dev...
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