Green Crackers for Eco-Friendly Diwali

Green Crackers
What are Green Crackers?Firecrackers are used to celebrate the festival of lights in Diwali. Every year in the Diwali Festival crores of people burn firecrackers cause air pollution and according to the present situation firecrackers standards not so good to deal with pollution and also not good for health. So Government planning to introduced Green Crackers this year...
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Full list of Union Territories of India with Names and Maps

india union territory
A Union Territories of India are special administrative sector in the republic of India which operates directly under the control by the central government unlike the other states of india. Currently, two more union territories list now 9 union territories in India. Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh was new union territories with the 7 other union territories like NCT of Delhi, C...
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Independence Day India 15 August Celebration National Festival of India

independence day
The Independence Day of India is annually Celebrated on Every 15th August as National Holiday in India . Our country got freedom from British Rule on 15 August 1947. British rules on the Indian people over the 200 years. 15 August reminds us of the new beginning of India after independence. India's gaining of independence was a tryst with destiny, as the struggle for freedo...
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Bestgore.com Protecting the Public from Safe Places on the Internet

Source:Wikipedia.org :-------Bestgore.com is a Canadian shock site owned by Mark Marek, which provides videos and news of real-life gang executions, women being tortured. Many Explicit videos of Real-life Animal Encounters, Autopsy, blood injuries, lynching, medical disasters, Workplace accident and many more. As a result, Mark Marek Jailed charged under Canada Obscenity ...
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Harmony Os New Operating System Microkernel architecture

Harmony OS, styled as HarmonyOS, is an upcoming open source, microkernel-based distributed operating system being developed by Huawei. Unveiled on 9 August 2019, the platform is designed primarily for internet of things devices. It was originally speculated to a mobile operating system that could replace android on Future Huawei Devices. Currently, Huawei is supporting the ...
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