Indian Cities Failed to Meet WHO Norm Air Quality Standard

Pollution Industries
A study done by WHO(World Health Organisation) about Air Quality show indian cities have worst air quality not good to leaving . None of 168 Indian Cities Monitored by World Health Organisation not comply with the standards for Air Quality . Most urban areas of indian cities are polluted are becoming death traps because of high air pollution level . India appears among t...
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Selfie Will be Harm You Take Precautions Before taking Selfie

Selfie Will be Harm You Selfie is common thing doing when we go outside or meet someone or we something exciting that need make you to get your selfie from smartphone and sometimes with your camera everyone taking selfie when feel boring and meet together with friends or family . It's no doubt someone who never take selfie for sharing with friend on social networking or...
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Watch Epic Show only on Epic Channel

India new hindi tv channel name epic comes with the great stories all around the history and culture value of the india and biggest story of historic values only on epic channel launched on late 2014 now epic evolved with the great value . Every indian who like to watch old history of india must watch the epic channel you will love you to watch every shows comes full of day...
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