Airtel Symantec Ties to Protect From Cyber Security

Airtel Symantec

Airtel ties with Symantec

Airtel is the brand that connect million of people in one network and one of the india largest telcom network . Bharti Airtel is delhi based telcommunication company owned by sunil bharti mittal . Operates in 20 countries across around the world . Now Airtel was World Third Largest Operator .Airtel has more than 303 million worldwide across 20 countries and Airtel is now top emerging brand in the World .

Symantec a Global Leader in Cyber Security with more 300 million user base operating in 40 countries headquartered in Mountain View, California, United States. Worldwide Symantec provide security to Top 1000 fortune companies ,government organisations and million of people , desktop and servers are protected with Symantec security .

Symantec providing protection of personal information , devices ,home networks and identities at home and other devices .Checkout the All Fact related to Symantec here .

Fight Cyber War with Symantec Cyber Security

Indian Telecom Giant Bharti Airtel(Airtel) and Symantec Corp. leader in cyber security announced a strategic partnership to serve the growing cyber security requirement of business in india , providing protection and prevention of online threats in an increasing digital world . To provide enterprise grade security to it enterprise customers . Partnership help to tackle cyber attacks on business in india and outside india . Government also realized about the cyber threat that do bad effect in business .

Recently worldwide many cyber attack incidents comes like Petya and Wanna Cry effected too many big business and small business everywhere in the world except india . In india some states are badly effected with the cyber threats .Business are now investing in cyber security to make business operation secure . So every big business are serious about cyber security . Airtel own 2000 large enterprise accounts , more than 250000 corporate and many tech startup .